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Guidelines for authors

The paper must be an original, unpublished work written in English. The submitted paper should not have been published before nor be under consideration for publication in another conference proceedings or journal. All authors whose names appear in the paper must have made substantial contributions to the scientific work and share collective responsibility and accountability for the results.

Co-authored papers should not have more than 5 authors. If necessary, please do not hesitate to contact us, in objective cases, it is possible to make an exception.

Papers presented at the conference should be in English. The languages used in the conference will be English, Slovak, and Czech.

The paper is successfully submitted if the author receives a confirmation e-mail.

After the final acceptance of the paper for publication in the conference proceedings, the authors sign the copyright declaration, which is the final formal condition for publication of the paper.

Manuscript Formatting Requirements
The paper’s length should be between 6 to 10 pages (single line spacing) and should follow the structure of Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. Please use the template available on the conference website – download here (pdf).

The paper should include the following:

  • Title of the paper,
  • Author’s full name and academic title(s),
  • Author’s complete affiliation, including the name of the department, faculty, and university, address, and email address. Please indicate the corresponding author if necessary,
  • An abstract of 200-250 words to outline the paper’s purpose, research methods, and crucial findings,
  • Keywords, with a maximum of 5 words/phrases,
  • JEL classification. Please refer to

Technical Requirements:
Tables, figures, and equations should have separate numbering and be placed in the text in the appropriate paragraph, immediately after the reference. Equations must be typed using the Microsoft Equation 3.0 or MathType. For more information, refer to the template.

The list of references must be alphabetically arranged according to the first element in the link. All references cited in the text must be part of the reference list and vice versa. Use APA style referencing:

Please ensure that your paper includes a minimum of 10 references from the Web of Science database, and a total of no more than 15-25 references.

All references cited within the text must also be included in the list of references at the end of the paper, and vice versa.

When selecting journals to reference, please prioritize those from the Q1 and Q2 quartiles, such as the Journal of Management, Journal of Consumer Research, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Human Resources, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Finance, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Economic Studies, and the Journal of Marketing among others. Please focus on publications from the last two years.


All submitted papers are checked by the editors to ensure compliance with the conference’s ethical policies and requirements. The editors decide which papers to publish and are guided by the conference editorial team’s policies and legal requirements such as copyright infringement and plagiarism. Papers that do not follow the ethical policy or conference requirements are rejected before the peer-review process. If a manuscript passes the editorial checks, it is assigned to an independent expert for a double-blind peer review. Reviewers should be objective and have no conflict of interest. They should also point out relevant published work that is not yet cited. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the paper and they may recommend to: (i) accept the paper in the current form, (ii) accept the paper with minor correction, (iii) accept the paper only after corrections and repeated review, and (iv) reject the paper because the scientific content does not correspond to the conference standards. The corresponding author receives the final decision and any recommendations made by the reviewers. The editors and reviewers evaluate the manuscript based only on its importance, originality, clarity, and relevance to the aim of the conference, without considering the authors’ race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy.

Review Form – Download here